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Mission & Vision Statement of SCCPWR


The Southern California Committee for a Parliament of the World’s Religions (SCCPWR) is an organization open to individual members, founded upon a common commitment to promote dialogue about the varieties of sacred experience in order to foster understanding, mutual respect, and cooperation with the aim of engaging our regional community to achieve a just, peaceful and sustainable world.


The vision of SCCPWR affirms that openness and compassion, motivated by our various faith traditions, are the bridge builders that effectively facilitate our ability to address local and global problems. We believe that all spiritual paths share a commitment to the sacred dimensions of reality and to loving service toward a better world. We believe that our highest human values can be achieved when:

Religious and spiritual communities of Southern California live in harmony and contribute to a better world from their riches of wisdom and compassion

Ethnic, gender, cultural and religious fears and hatreds that separate our communities are replaced by understanding and respect.


People from diverse religious and spiritual communities come to know and respect one another
The richness of human and religious diversity is woven into the fabric of communal, civil, societal and global life to create social justice, global sustainability, spiritual fulfillment, and peace.


The guiding institutions of our local and regional governing units move beyond narrow self-interest to realize the common good.

Southern California becomes a model community where all life is cherished, protected, healed and restored, because all people commit to living out their highest values and aspirations.​​

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